Finally getting my lens

Well, Ritz called yesterday to let me know that my lens is in, but I didn’t get a chance to pick it up, so I am doing so after I get out of work. I’m hoping for a new lens (brand new is always better than fixed :) ) but we’ll see what happens.

In other news, Nikon released information about their new camera, the D60 and it appears to be a big letdown.  It’s essentially a d40x but with a stop action mode (limited to 100 shots), a dust reduction system (a good feature, but not worth the jump from the d40), some other features, still no built in motor, and a $750 price tag for the kit.  I personally am looking for a cheaper Nikon with live view, and a feature-set similar to the d80.


Late last year my camera had an unfortunate accident: the camera landed lens down, from a height of about 3 feet, onto carpeting.  The end result was a camera that was still fine, but a kit lens (18-55mm f/3.5-5.6) that was pretty well thrashed inside (rattled inside, couldn’t zoom, etc).  Thankfully, I purchased Ritz Camera’s protection plan, which even covers accidents.  The downside, is that they have a 3-7 week turnaround time (now, why it would take even three weeks for them to look at, and say, yep we can’t fix it, here’s a new one, is beyond me).  Sadly, this happened before Christmas, and thus, I missed out on a lot of holiday pictures.  There is some good news though.  I have about a week before it comes in according to the shop.  So all that there is left to do is wait just a bit longer.  For those interested, if the shop follows through with that date, it will have been a 5 week turnaround time, which I guess isn’t too bad considering all the holidays.

New Theme!

Thanks to digg I found a list of 100 wordpress themes (I would have found one earlier if wordpress’s theme viewer wasn’t sub-par) and decided on this one. As an added bonus, I now don’t have to resize pictures from flickr. What do you guys think of it?

edit: noooo it doesn’t support widgets, I’ll have to look into that

edit2: found a version that was modified for the sidebar widgets, all appears fine, I’ll just overlook the fact that a lot of the code is now in Spanish ;)

edit3: I very quickly began to realize that it was more than just the php code that was in Spanish, so I ended up just copying functions.php and sidebar.php from the Spanish version.  If anyone sees any parts of el blogo that are still in Spanish, please let me know ;)

Sky looked cool today

one of the more interesting of the shots:


now to figure out how to change this theme to add just the tiniest bit of spacing for the medium flickr size….

I choose you, sharpie!

Just messing around with a long exposure while changing the zoom on the camera:





edit: so I now have a flickr account, but things are still acting a bit wonky, (alignment does nothing, and I can’t have more than one image per line using the flickr plugin, now just some behind the scenes stuff is acting up) but hopefully it will get resolved (I asked the author of the plugin)

State of the tuckienet

For anyone who wants to look back to the older posts (or who may have read the older posts already), I’ve gone through quite a few changes in regards to my network setup. The plans on using the Netra fell through (although not hooked up, it is operational), as I ended up running pfsense as my main routing software on an old dell. It’s been going strong for some time now, and handles bit torrent traffic much better than the old wrt54g was able to (it now just serves as an access point). The emachine is, for the time being, out of commission, although it may come back as some form of backup solution. I’m now running Ubuntu on my main server/mythtv box. I had originally went with Knoppmyth for mythtv, as it offered much easier installation configuration process, but now, mythtv is a snap to install, and I actually was able to get it up and running more quickly than with knoppmyth. The server now has 3 main functions: mythtv server, file/media server via samba (aka windows file sharing protocol), and a bit torrent box through a variation of torrentflux. As far as hardware specs go, its a big jump from what I was running. I now have:

  • 80GB system drive
  • 5, 500GB WD RE2 drives in a software raid 5 (via linux’s mdadm), giving me roughly 2TB of storage edit: make that one more drive, so I’m now at 2.5 TB of storage.
  • An Athlon X2 3600+ running at 1.9Ghz
  • 1GB of memory (I’m tempted to upgrade, its so cheap these days)  edit: it’s so cheap, that I did upgrade (although its giving me some spuratic stability issues), currently at 2GB of memory.
  • pvr-150 from my emachine for mythtv

For those interested, the specs of my workstation are:

  • Core2duo, e6400, running at 3.3Ghz (2.1 is stock)
  • 400GB WD RE2 drive
  • 8800 GTS
  • 2GB of Crucial Ballistix
  • EVGA 680i motherboard

Oh, and there’s a gigabit router between server and workstation, as well as a 1500VA ups between the two, as I really don’t feel like parting with 2TB of data a second time (note to others: raid is no excuse for not having a true backup, I know that now).

Almost finished

Well, I just ported the remainder of the posts from the old blog, hopefully this one will stay a bit more updated.  I still haven’t decided what the ideal solution is for forwarding from to, but then again, I haven’t put much thought into it.


Help me, help you.


One of the aspects that I like about *nix in general is the power of scripting. Using shell scripts, I can accomplish a lot more than I could ever hope to do inside of a batch file. One such example is is my script to convert dvd rips to isos. I’m currently working on taking this one step further, and converting the movies using a handbrake script, so that I can watch them on my iPod, but the script is still pretty buggy.


On that note: does anyone know of a good script/program to convert avis, mkvs, etc to the iPod format (Linux preferred, but Windows is doable)?

First post!

I’m thinking about switching over from pluggedout blog to the ever popular wordpress. Should be a bit more stable and a bit less susceptible to comment spam, but we shall see.

Edit: now switched over, if you see something below this post, its ported from the old blog.

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