New Theme!

Thanks to digg I found a list of 100 wordpress themes (I would have found one earlier if wordpress’s theme viewer wasn’t sub-par) and decided on this one. As an added bonus, I now don’t have to resize pictures from flickr. What do you guys think of it?

edit: noooo it doesn’t support widgets, I’ll have to look into that

edit2: found a version that was modified for the sidebar widgets, all appears fine, I’ll just overlook the fact that a lot of the code is now in Spanish ;)

edit3: I very quickly began to realize that it was more than just the php code that was in Spanish, so I ended up just copying functions.php and sidebar.php from the Spanish version.  If anyone sees any parts of el blogo that are still in Spanish, please let me know ;)

Almost finished

Well, I just ported the remainder of the posts from the old blog, hopefully this one will stay a bit more updated.  I still haven’t decided what the ideal solution is for forwarding from to, but then again, I haven’t put much thought into it.

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