Study break!

Database quiz today (online), database quiz tomorrow (in class).
But for now… ice cream!



I was hoping to have a bit more free time now that I’m on my spring semester, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.  I’m currently taking a Unix class and a Database class, and the database class is consuming all of my free time.  Its a hybrid class, which means its part in-class, part online.  Somehow this translates for my teacher as 6 nights of homework in a row, starting tomorrow (so that includes homework due every night of Memorial Day break).

My current projects (that I’m not going to have time for):

  • Figure out what’s wrong with my Xbox (It can’t see the mod chip, but my spare modded xbox reduces motivation).
  • Figure out what’s wrong with my Carputer’s LCD display. The screen goes to standby half the time, I’m hoping its a software problem (hibernation bug maybe?).
  • Run cat5e (correctly, not through the air return) from the basement to upstairs.
  • Terminate previously mentioned cat5e at a patch panel on one end, and at some wall jacks on the other.
  • Clean, then try to fix an OLD oscilloscope that I got from a friend.
  • Continue my nixie clock pipe dream/vaporware.
  • Convince myself to spend money on a HTPC to replace my Xbox setup.

I’ve probably missed something in the list, but oh well.

I’ve made some progress on the clock front at least:DSC_3097

I bought a ethernet shield and have rigged a rtc chip up to it as well.  My plan is to pull information from a NTP server (the basic code for this is working) and set the timezone offset via a web service (that uses the WAN IP).  The user will then be able to tweak all the settings via a web interface.  I’m thinking about just having one button on the clock itself for snooze/dimming/misc functions.

E=MC something something…

Well after taking a stab at my calculus homework, I have realized that I really should look over my old math notes–this being my first math class in a year and a half. For the most part, I remember what I’m doing, but I need to brush up on some various things such as some methods for simplifying (I need to find those old “cheat sheets”). Fun stuff really. It should make for an interesting semester. If anyone has a site that they suggest for math guides, that would be appreciated. Hopefully it will all come back to me in a week or two. ;)

Holy crap, I have five pages!

Over the past few weeks I’ve been working off and on (more off than on) with a “big” paper for my English class. The length for the paper had been “no more than five pages,” at least according to the assignment sheet. Well, the teacher just informed the class that she meant “five pages, average. No more than 15!!”
So having a three page rough draft pretty much sucked; especially because I wasn’t sure how to expand upon it.

Well, after a conference with the teacher about the draft, and some ideas from friends, I got the paper up to five pages pretty easily. At this point I still have a few ideas to add as well as much polishing, but at least the five page pressure is lifted.

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