One of the aspects that I like about *nix in general is the power of scripting. Using shell scripts, I can accomplish a lot more than I could ever hope to do inside of a batch file. One such example is is my script to convert dvd rips to isos. I’m currently working on taking this one step further, and converting the movies using a handbrake script, so that I can watch them on my iPod, but the script is still pretty buggy.


On that note: does anyone know of a good script/program to convert avis, mkvs, etc to the iPod format (Linux preferred, but Windows is doable)?

PVR Decisions

Well, I’ve decided to just go ahead and purchase a TV tuner (a pvr-150) to use with MythTV. Down the road I may rig it to a cable box as well, but for now just recording the main channels will be good enough.

I have installed MythTV on the Emachine, and it seems to be pretty slick, although for some reason Myth Weather isn’t working. The install itself was very painless, it was up and running in less than 10 minutes.

PVR Annoyances

‘ve been looking for a good use for the e-machine that I picked up on black Friday. My original intent was to use it as a firewall/router/etc running windows server 2003. That idea was shot down after it refused to boot after running windows update. I’ll probably just end up installing Smoothwall on my old dell.

My next idea was to use it as a cheap pvr running MythTV. It seems doable enough, except for the fact that I wouldn’t be able to record my digital channels. Looking more into just got me more aggravated, due to the fact that the only viable option seemed to be recording through the cable box (which happens to suck). Then, the idea of HDTV hit me, and I remembered that charter has it. When I had looked up HDTV a while back it was like eight dollars a month, and my parents didn’t think that it was worth it. Going to charter’s site, I noticed that it was now only $3 a month! This was definitely a much more interesting proposition. HD cable boxes have a firewire out that i could hook up to a computer to record to (in theory). I have to look more into it, but it sure looks tempting.

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