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For anyone who wants to look back to the older posts (or who may have read the older posts already), I’ve gone through quite a few changes in regards to my network setup. The plans on using the Netra fell through (although not hooked up, it is operational), as I ended up running pfsense as my main routing software on an old dell. It’s been going strong for some time now, and handles bit torrent traffic much better than the old wrt54g was able to (it now just serves as an access point). The emachine is, for the time being, out of commission, although it may come back as some form of backup solution. I’m now running Ubuntu on my main server/mythtv box. I had originally went with Knoppmyth for mythtv, as it offered much easier installation configuration process, but now, mythtv is a snap to install, and I actually was able to get it up and running more quickly than with knoppmyth. The server now has 3 main functions: mythtv server, file/media server via samba (aka windows file sharing protocol), and a bit torrent box through a variation of torrentflux. As far as hardware specs go, its a big jump from what I was running. I now have:

  • 80GB system drive
  • 5, 500GB WD RE2 drives in a software raid 5 (via linux’s mdadm), giving me roughly 2TB of storage edit: make that one more drive, so I’m now at 2.5 TB of storage.
  • An Athlon X2 3600+ running at 1.9Ghz
  • 1GB of memory (I’m tempted to upgrade, its so cheap these days)  edit: it’s so cheap, that I did upgrade (although its giving me some spuratic stability issues), currently at 2GB of memory.
  • pvr-150 from my emachine for mythtv

For those interested, the specs of my workstation are:

  • Core2duo, e6400, running at 3.3Ghz (2.1 is stock)
  • 400GB WD RE2 drive
  • 8800 GTS
  • 2GB of Crucial Ballistix
  • EVGA 680i motherboard

Oh, and there’s a gigabit router between server and workstation, as well as a 1500VA ups between the two, as I really don’t feel like parting with 2TB of data a second time (note to others: raid is no excuse for not having a true backup, I know that now).


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  1. those server specs aren’t bad, dude. i haven’t done anything with RAID, but I probably will somewhere down the road.

    if i had a million dollars… or uh, 6200… then this would be my rig:

    Comment by kev — January 4, 2008 #

  2. really interested in this combination! im thinking about setting up a similar box. I was wondering if you have to add downloaded media items manually in Myth, or does this all integrate easily. Im especially wondering if there is a foobar2000 like integration for myth. (directory structure = playlist structure).

    Comment by michael — June 25, 2008 #

  3. Other videos are integrated through the MythVideo plugin. All of the MythTV stuff is now very easy to install via the Mythbuntu control panel. In order for it to automatically look for new files, there is a checkbox that says something like “scan for new files when browsing for videos.” I’m currently using xine setup as the video player for MythVideo. This can easily configured (again) through the mythbuntu control panel.

    As for music playback…Well… it pretty much sucks. The interface is pretty dated looking, and for whatever reason it crashes randomly (I have a theory that it’s a problem with a visualization). I’m considering looking into xbmc for linux, I just am waiting for mythtv frontend support to improve. The reality is, I just end up using my main box for listening to music, so its not too high on my priority list.

    If you have any other questions, I’d be happy to help.

    Comment by tuckie — June 25, 2008 #

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