One of the aspects that I like about *nix in general is the power of scripting. Using shell scripts, I can accomplish a lot more than I could ever hope to do inside of a batch file. One such example is is my script to convert dvd rips to isos. I’m currently working on taking this one step further, and converting the movies using a handbrake script, so that I can watch them on my iPod, but the script is still pretty buggy.


On that note: does anyone know of a good script/program to convert avis, mkvs, etc to the iPod format (Linux preferred, but Windows is doable)?


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  1. I would use ffmpeg to convert the media files. ffmpeg is probably already on your linux box, since pretty much everything that plays media files uses it. Search google, you’ll probably find the proper arguments to convert videos to mp4 (which I believe the iPod uses). Run ffmpeg with no arguments too, there are about a million arguments. Hope that helps.

    Comment by Tyler — March 25, 2008 #

  2. I use VisualHub for the Mac and rip in h.264. Its essentially a pretty GUI wrapper for ffmpeg. Review the logfile the GUI makes as it processes a file and take the file input and output arguments out of the mile long ffmpeg string. I think of it as a good investment, it is quite nice software….

    Comment by Dan — March 26, 2008 #

  3. I’ve actually made quite a bit of progress on this front since I made this post. Feel free to take a look at the script, I’ve added it to the shell scripts page (see top link). Overall, I’m not as happy with it as I am with my other scripts, It can still be a bit buggy at times.

    Comment by tuckie — March 26, 2008 #

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