No matter what your religion is…

…have a merry Christmas.

Its Christmas morning and I have yet to open all of my presents. I’m at my Grandpa’s house and we’re getting ready to leave. A few presents were brought to be opened, including a few books, more Family Guy, Serenity, and my free iPod Shuffle (I signed up for a credit card, they send you a shuffle). The shuffle is a pretty neat piece of hardware–minus the lack of a screen. I’ll probably just use it for podcasts and data, although I’m a bit turned-off at the lack of a plug and play podcast sync for the shuffle (it appears to only work on the regular iPod, although it would be nice if someone told me otherwise).

I’ve managed to keep myself busy here thanks to an access point that the neighbors were kind enough to leave open ;). I don’t even need my cantenna.


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  1. i had to look up cantenna on youtube…

    Comment by kev — January 4, 2008 #

  2. In reality, no single religion could guarantee us a place in Heaven. In the end, what matters is how we a treat other people.”~’

    Comment by Katherine Campbell — May 24, 2010 #

  3. it doesn’t matter what religion you have, just do good and avoid evil;”~

    Comment by Maya Bailey — September 14, 2010 #

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