Black Friday

Well, it’s Friday night and I’m still recovering. Around 12:30 we heard that people were already lining up at Best Buy, so we (myself and a few of my friends) headed out. We had hoped to wait a few hours in the van, and then get in line when enough people showed up. Unfortunately, this was not to be; more cars started showing up after just five minutes in the van. Deciding to go out, we stepped out into the zero (with wind-chill) degree weather. I was planning on picking up a laptop and a computer for my uncle and cousin. We were a few chairs short, so two of the guys laid across our laps with the chairs facing each other.

The cold got to us very quickly, and we piled blanket upon blanket on us in hopes of some heat. We had a propane heater that was virtually useless. It must have been a very odd sight for onlookers; just a mass of floral-patterned blankets with feet sticking out of the sides. A few times people went back into the van to get warm; I was the only person who stayed out the entire time (go me!). Around 4:50 they started handing out tickets for the main items; I picked up the laptop, the desktop, and a second desktop on a whim; I had another one of the guys pay for it.

The first line that I had to wait in was to redeem a UPC code for the computers. This took quite some time as they gave the customers the option of some extra security features. Only one of my friends was left in the checkout line by the time I made it out. I took his place in line with the cart, and he got the UPC for the second computer.

This line took a while, but seemed to move quickly, as I had someone to talk with, and got a free geek squad mug and gift card (five bucks only) from a ticket drawing thing that had going to keep the customers entertained. After getting checked out, there was yet another line to wait in; this time it was to physically get the computers. This wasn’t too bad and only took 10 minutes.

I finally made it home around 7:40; exhausted; cold; and worn out. All things considered, I think Best Buy was very organized, as I have heard many Black Friday horror stories.

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