Yes, it’s after the fact, and yes, I don’t have any pictures(there may be some floating around on a digital camera)–but, I thought I would elaborate a bit on my house’s setup this year.

I chose the main focal point to be placed upon the doorbell. I rigged up a relay to the doorbell in order to trip a couple things when pressed. Primarily, I had an old loud school bell rigged up in the bushes in front of the door. I also soldered on some wires to the play button of a remote control for my cd player. Speakers for the stereo were placed on either side of the door, both hidden. I made up a soundtrack of demonic laughing that alternated channels for added effect.

I also had a fog machine with a fan, blowing out of the garage that was open a crack. A blacklight was just inside the garage, with Tide (soap) thown about on the ground (it glows in the dark). My initial plan was to rig the blacklight to a motion sensor and have “chalk” outlines of bodies on the ground made from the Tide, but I ran out of time.

The front window also had a glow-in-the-dark skeleton that was illuminated through a blacklight. All of the front windows were lit by a well positioned strobe light, which looked really good for the little effort required.

For the pumpkin, I tried something completely different, a drowning pumpkin. The pumpkin a picked was a “ghost” pumpkin, and white in color. I took a black plastic tub and filled it with water. At the back of the pumpkin I drilled a hole for the tube rigged up to a bubbler (stolen from a fake fish tank). It was then lit using a glowstick (which lit it surprisingly well). It ended up working out great; it glowed well with bubbles coming out of its mouth.

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